Buy high-qualitative French biometric passport with RFID-chip inside online. Model 2019 year. Valid for 10 years. The document contain 32-pages. If you are a frequent traveller and need extra space for visas we can offer 48-pages document for 100 USD extra. French passports are passports issued by France to those holding any form of French nationality. There are different types of French nationality, and different types of French passports as a result. A French passport enables the bearer to travel worldwide and serves as proof of citizenship. It also facilitates access to consular assistance from French embassies around the world, or any embassy of another European Union member state.

All new passports issued in France since 2011 have been biometric. Biometric passports are identifiable on French passports by the rfid logo at the bottom of the front cover, and have an embedded electronic chip holding the holder’s facial details.

French Passport

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